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Steel Pontoons

We currently have a high turn over of Walcon and other similar makes of Marine pontoon section and try to keep the site as up to date as possible. If you do not see what you are looking for listed Pease contact us directly as we may have something to suit the needs of your project.

Steel Pontoon 12x5 Meters GBP £4500

Dimensions: 12m Long 5m Wide
Moulded depth 900mm Freeboard 500mm

Description: Heavily built steel pontoons in good condition. Complete with bollards and hand rail. Tanked throughout. Each tank has an original manhole and a new sounding access fitted.

Location: Portsmouth

Unifloats GBP £2200 each or £6300 the three

Dimensions: 5.2m X2.4m x 1.2m Weight 4 ton (approx.)

Description: three unifloats in fair condition.

Location: Grimsby

Flat Top Pontoon GBP £4000

Dimensions: Length 10.8 meters X 3.3meters wide X 0.7 meters molded depth. Freeboard 400mm 

Description: Steel flat top pontoon. The deck has been doubled over with new plate

Location: Southampton

Large Steel Pontoon GBP £25,000

Dimensions: 12 meters X8 meters

Description: Welded steel pontoon section. Tanked and heavily built. Extremely good condition.

Location: Portsmouth

Steel pontoon sections POA

Steel pontoon sections POA

Large quantity of steel pontoon sections in 20 foot, 40 foot, and 60 foot lengths. From 8 to 20 foot wide and 3 foot deep. All are tanked with manhole access. In good condition. Over forty available full list of sizes and prices available by email or telephone request

Floating dock pontoon 40' x 12' x 6' GBP 8,000

Floating dock pontoon 40 ' X12 'X6'

Floating dock pontoon 40 foot X12 foot X 6 foot draws 18-inch aprox, with hand crane, hand winch. Below deck storage in hold area. Good condition. Lying Southampton, can be road transported

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