Steel Pontoons

We currently have a high turn over of Walcon and other similar makes of Marine pontoon section and try to keep the site as up to date as possible. If you do not see what you are looking for listed Pease contact us directly as we may have something to suit the needs of your project

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Houseboat Pontoons/ Low freeboard floats for Landing Stages 20x8 ft (two identical available); GBP £5000 each

Description: Factory built in Poland and never used as surplus to requirement. These pontoons have a steel frame and internally filled with polystyrene blacks for buoyancy. The outer skin is aluminium to protect the inner polystyrene core.

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Steel Pontoon 12x1.5 with vertical fenders: GBP £600

Description: Steel pontoon with upright fender bracket fitted. Many uses alongside piers etc. The uprights can be removed if necessary. The pontoon has internal bulkheads and internal access by manholes.

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Steel Pontoons 6x2.5m (14 Available): GBP £3500 each or deal for quantity

Description: Fourteen identical steel pontoons in excellent condition. Approximately four years old. Constructed of two steel tubes fabricated to form the pontoon body and connected by webs. Super slide segal fenders on each side. Afloat the rubber fender float just above the water line.

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Steel Pontoon 6x2.3m; £2500

Description: Steel pontoon in excellent condition. Recently blasted and painted with two part marine paint system.

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Steel Pontoon 3.5mx2.2m; GBP £1200

Description: Steel pontoon ideal painting platform or many other uses. In good condition.

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Steel Mooring Pontoon 18.7x3 meters: GBP £3500

Description: Steel mooring pontoon. The pontoon is divided into 3 compartments with hatch access to each compartment through the deck. Currently has a pile guide arrangement attached at each end that was cut away when taken out of service. This can easily be removed to just leave the pontoon section. Rubbers can also be removed if not required.

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Steel Pontoon with high freeboard; GBP £25,000

Description: Welded steel pontoon section. Tanked and heavily built. Extremely good condition.

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Steel pontoon sections- Full list available on the link below

Description: Large quantity of steel pontoon sections in 20 foot, 40 foot, and 60 foot lengths. From 8 to 20 foot wide and 3 foot deep. All are tanked with manhole access. In good condition. Over forty available full list of sizes and prices available by email or telephone request

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